1. You raid the play dough bin when you need a cookie cutter.
  2. Your toilet paper lives on the back of the toilet instead of on the holder.
  3. The only thing more bone chilling than screaming is silence.
  4. Everything in your news feed is about parenting.  Everything.
  5.  You stop buying white clothing for yourself and your child(ren), because the stains are too much to deal with.  (Why do they even make white clothing in any size smaller than 4T?)
  6. You always drink juice half diluted with water, and are shocked when it is served to you straight.
  7. Every writing utensil in your house has the words “washable” and “non-toxic” on it.
  8. You know a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood jingle for every situation known to mankind.
  9. You try to remember the last time you showered alone (or at all), and you just… can’t.
  10. You are regularly applauded for doing your business in a potty.